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—April 12, 2016 OK, kids, it was a slow Monday with little news of note worth hashing out, but given that we’re here to specifically hash things out, we’d best explore the news to determine which stories might challenge our intellect and serve as good vehicles for the sake of heated, yet cordial, debate. So Hash It Out: Is the proposed sentence for Dennis Hastert ludicrous; is Father John Misty creepy; are Millennials ridiculously spoiled; is Janet Jackso   READ MORE

Is this the end of a typical 5-7 year console Life Span? Lets Hash It Out!

In this episode of Hash It Out TV, we discuss about the recent rumors regarding Hardware Upgrade for both: the Ps4 and the Xbox One. Making room for 4k resolution and Virtual Reality. What do you guys think? Do you think this Console Generation marks the end of a typical 5-7 year Console cycle? Let Hash It out!