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Dear Islamic Extremists (Ansarullah Bangla,  Ansar al Islam Bangladesh and other groups targeting writers and cartoonists):  I understand that you have expanded your hit list of bloggers to be killed due to their written commentary that you believe to be offensive to Islam. So far this year you have successfully butchered four Bangladeshi bloggers, and have recently added nine more European and North American bloggers to your hit list.  Please add m   READ MORE
The U.S.A and Cuba restored full diplomatic relations yesterday after more than 50 years of Cold War-inspired animosity. But don’t book your vacation for the largest collection of unspoiled beaches in the Caribbean yet, as hardliners from both countries plan to continue hindering efforts to normalize relations. Members of Congress have vowed to block any efforts to lift the long-running trade embargo or to name an ambassador, while in Cuba, hardliners are demanding a return   READ MORE
And a big “Happy Anniversary” goes out to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as one year ago today he and his righteous followers put the world back on the path towards salvation. Say what? And Abu who? th-1 Abu Bakr   READ MORE
The Gods Must be Angry With Us...Again! Hash It Out!!!!! by M.J. Moye AngryGod Why must the Gods always be so angry with us? Case in point, Gods in Malaysia were apparently angered by a group of western tourists who strippe   READ MORE