About Hash it Out

“Hash it out” or “HIO”, is a social media application created by Team H.I.O. Inc. to allow people to discuss, debate or “hash out” their ideas, beliefs about everyday topics. HIO is designed to present a clean, organized environment where anyone’s voice can be heard, and any opinion matters.

HIO originally started back in 2014 with three guys working in Afghanistan who love to “smack” talk each other on a daily basis. One day after debating about the quality of a video game’s graphics, the phrase “lets go hash it out” was said, and the idea brewed like wild fire. Somehow these three dysfunctional friends managed to work together and form Team H.I.O. Inc., thus the design for “Hash it out” began developing.

HIO is a great tool to discuss reviews, business ideas, controversial topics, politics, sports, ect. The mobile application can also be used as a project tool for businesses, education clubs, athletic teams, etc., by utilizing the “private hash” feature. There is also an internal SMS feature that allows the user to have a conversation with other members.