04 February 2016

Ronda Rousey Wearing Body Paint in Sports Illustrated, Final Debate, Hot or Not

Ok, before we get started, let us go ahead and set some ground rules.  Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yes, women have a virtue and beauty all to themselves regardless of aesthetic appearance.  That being said, they are not exactly screaming for Honey Boo Boo’s mom to walk the runway at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  So yes, there is a point at which the American public has a right to ask whether a self-made public figure is indeed hot or not. If we were to evaluate a woman caught shopping at her worst moment in the middle of a Wal-Mart, that might be bullying.  But to examine a woman who willingly graces the pages of Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine wearing nothing but body paint, well, you are fair game lady, but please don’t kick me in the face for saying that because you are still, Ronda Rousey MMA legend.

The Not Camp

To me, the not camp is the most incredulous.  It is not that they are wrong for their opinion that they do not find her attractive, because to each his own, but for the reasons they exclaim it.  Pointing to Rousey in her post-fight picturesque humanity and claiming she is not attractive is like pointing to your girlfriend or wife after a bout with some undercooked Mexican food and claiming she looks hideous on the floor of the bathroom. She is a pretty lady if nothing else.

Ronda Rousey Sports Illustrated

Fighting is a nasty business and you don’t walk into it smelling like roses and you certainly don’t walk out of it looking like a queen. The above picture is often one that is used to muse about Rousey and I think that is simply not fair. We all have our worst moment and she simply puts it on display for us all to see. It is fine if you do not think Ronda Rousey is attractive because you like redheads, grannies, or whatever. But don’t exclaim that she is unworthy of attraction because of how she looks after a fight.

The Hot Camp

Let’s face it, most of you would drool and bumble your way into a date if Ronda Rousey walked up to you.  Don’t agree, if not then post your supermodel girlfriend to show us why.  The facts are that Ronda Rousey is an athletically fit woman and that pays dividends when it comes to physical attractiveness.

Ronda Rousey Sports Illustrated

The reason she can grace the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue wearing nothing but body paint is because she has muscle tone and well-defined curves.  If you asked me, her personality of being unafraid to throw a good punch only makes her hotter as she seems like a cool chick.

The truth be told, in my humble opinion that I have hashed out before you, she is neither hot or not. She is a pretty girl that if most of you had the chance to date, you would, hands down stop being internet cool and claiming otherwise.  Is there something about her that makes her reach the stratosphere of hot, well, that’s up to you. But sooner or later, before she actually becomes a granny, we are going to have to hash it out and decide, is Ronda Rousey Hot or Not.  I’m going with I’d hold her hand any day, but you decide for yourself.



Jeff Edwards