16 February 2016

Let’s Face It, We’d Pick Deadpool to Save us Over Captain American Anyday

Typically, I’d withhold my opinion on a debate so as to allow the brilliant audience to Hash It Out and come to a conclusion yourself.  But I’m not here to have the typical who would win debate because Deadpool is anything but typical.  Rather, I’m here to have you Hash It Out as to why Deadpool makes a better superhero for reasons that don’t pertain to his fighting and rescue ability.  Clearly, if you are in a tough spot for a mere mortal non-mutant being, either or any superhero will do.  The good guys typically win and the mission is more often than not accomplished.  I’m simply asking a who would you rather type question and I think you will see where I am going soon enough.

Combat is 99% Not Combat

If you ask any war veteran and it just so happens the author can speak from experience, war is 99% sitting around and 1% Animal Mother charging through the streets of Hue in Full Metal Jacket.  What makes Animal Mother such a fine human being is that he is unsurpassed in combat, but also seems like a pretty interesting dude to be around the other 99% of the time.


Captain America seems like a swell dude, but talking about the 1930’s Yankees is hardly the way I like to pass my time. And time is what we will have together more than anything if we truly did combat together.  Batman swoops in, saves the day, and then disappears into the night but if he had to stay around and chit chat in that raspy voice of his it would get old pretty quickly now wouldn’t it.  If all heroes are going to save the day regardless, why not preference the one who might have a shot of whiskey and be your wingman when it is all over.

The Hero We Want, Not Deserve

Deadpool may not be the hero we need or deserve, but he is the hero we want.  Batman spends his free time hanging out with his old childhood butler and Captain America spends it drinking milk and punching a speed bag presumably.  Deadpool spends his free time enjoying a good drink, the love of a fine woman, and effectively wielding witty banter. Charlie Sheen would call that winning.


Every Superhero I know will launch into the sky or the sunset when they are done saving you, but Deadpool might be the only one who would help you finish that bottle of whisky almost destroyed by the super-villain.  Deadpool is the only one who might say he knows a club that stays open after hours and he might be the only one to help you out of a jam with the police if the night gets a little crazy.


So yes, if I am in trouble from the Legion of Doom, Thanos, Loki, or even the Green Goblin, send whoever you can spare.  But if I have my choice, send Deadpool because when the enemies have been slain and the girl rescued, he is the only guy I know who might look at me and say let’s party till the sun comes up.  Wear your Captain America shield shirts all you want, but as for me, I’ll keep a bottle of good whiskey on hand in case I should ever need a superhero.  Deadpool is the hero you want and you know it.  Hash it out for yourself and tell us as much.



Jeff Edwards