18 June 2015

Why Rick Perry is a Politician to Consider

Why Rick Perry is a Politician to Consider






Former Texas governor Rick Perry has announced his candidacy in the 2016 presidential run. Perry released a video on Thursday stating his that he will run in the next year’s presidential elections. The video concluded with a logo of Perry President and credits mention ‘Paid by Perry President Inc.’ Moreover, his official website was also revamped subsequent to his announcement. The Texas governor could become the face of the Republicans competing against the Democratic Barrack Obama.


The former Texas governor is brimming with confidence with an illustrious 11 year run as a successful governor of Texas, which in his own words he terms as ‘Texas miracle’; a reference to 1988 Massachusetts Miracle.


Accomplishments aside, it will not be wrong to call Perry enigmatic (if not controversial)

Why Perry Should be President


Under his tenure as governor, Texas created 40% jobs following the end of the recession. This means 260,000 jobs since 2009. The economy of Texas is also 3 times faster as compared to the national rate of 1.3. Rick Perry alludes to his state’s low taxes, warm climate, a sound legal system and competent work force as the prime drivers of his state’s success attracting multiple companies to Texas from across the country making Texas the Mecca of jobs. The real estate market was a clear standout. Real estate prices remained constant for the major part while the rest of nation suffered a slump in real estate prices, and Rick Perry exempted 40,000 enterprises from franchise taxation.


When Perry succeeded George W. Bush, a barrel of oil was worth only $25. Experts warned that Texas’s natural gas and oil fields, which directly and indirectly support about one-third of the state’s jobs, were in steep decline. But during his first term, global market forces began driving oil prices up. They peaked at $147 a barrel in 2008 and have largely remained above $80 over the last two years.

Why Perry should be Jailed

There is no dearth of critics who think Perry is a racist bigot who accidentally slipped into the Texas miracle. According to them, Rick Perry has kept the state on autopilot for a decade while it was the ‘oil and gas boom’ of the state, which fueled the state’s success rather than his leadership skills. Since his success solely relied on this industrial boom, his abilities in White House are a grey area as of yet.


The former Texas governor faces stringent opposition from critics who contend that the state’s prosperity came with many tradeoffs. These harrowing compromises include:


  • Huge budget cuts in state’s education
  • Fractional investment in research and development
  • Biased job market limiting blacks and Hispanics to minimum wages with no health insurance
  • Economists have pointed out that ‘Texas model’ isn’t applicable for American states in 21st century where an educated workforce is a given.
  • He was also indicted by a grand jury for abuse of power


For critics, it just was a stroke of luck for the former Texas governor. Moreover, his policies are too effusive. His anti-social security stance (calling it as a Ponzi scheme) may repel potential supporters. Moreover, most of the citizens rely on Medicare for basic health amenities, which he wants revoked.


In the end, a charge-sheet can be made against every President in history. What ultimately matters is whether Perry’s political outlook can solve the problems of the 2016 America. Will another miracle happen? What do you think?


~Chris T.