17 September 2015

The Shocking Truth about Donald Trump

I have come to believe that all politicians have secrets.  For that matter, so does the rest of humanity.  I don’t think there is a human alive who could get elected if a full transcript of their life were published.  We often say things we wish we wouldn’t have then again, we say things we were happy to say and just glad no one recorded it.  As a result, it is rarely helpful to focus on political gaffes or misspoken words.  But then again, Donald Trump seems to care very little about what he says or who hears it.  However, there is a shocking truth about Donald that is taking America and the political establishment by storm.

People are Serious about Him

Again, here at Hash It Out, it is not our job to take a side.  We believe in the power of your thoughts, not our own.  Are people really serious about Donald Trump?  While he is certainly doing well in the polls, it must also be noted that candidate “Deez Nuts” was polling at 9% in North Carolina.  As such, is it really Trump that is doing well or is it the anti-establishment genre itself? But primarily I ask you, are people really serious about President Donald Trump?


This man would hold the same office as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR.  I once saw Donald Trump clothesline someone at a WWE event.  This is the man who lives in a gold plated apartment.  This is the man who fires celebrities on a reality show?  Are people entertained by him or serious about him for President?  I am not asking if you want him to be President, I am asking if people genuinely want this man to be the leader of the free world.

Can He Do It?

The next question we have to ask ourselves if people are indeed serious about his candidacy, is whether or not the man can actually do it.  I am going to ignore his boisterous personality at this point and ask whether the man can do it.  He has been a pretty boy billionaire since he inherited a fortune and undoubtedly has some business acumen.  However, how exactly does that translate to dealing with Radical Islam?  How does it translate to negotiating with Putin? Is Trump the new deliverer or is he President Camacho from the movie Idiocracy?


A CEO simply doesn’t have to deal with an elected legislative branch representative of America itself.  Will he become frustrated with the very checks and balances our constitution sets in place to protect us all from a madman? You don’t have to support him or hate him to debate these questions.  For the shocking truth is that some people are indeed serious about making him the next George Washington.  The shocking truth about Donald Trumps is that if you believe the current polls, the man might actually become you next President.  Can he do it?  I know what I think, but truth be told, I am more interested in what you think.  Hash it out America, hash it out.