10 June 2015

Is America ONLY Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Is America ONLY Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

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Yes, yes, we have all seen it, and we’re all very excited about people coming forward and spending millions of dollars to be comfortable ‘in their own skin’; of course, it’s a marvelous new world where a comfortable skin comes with an expensive price tag. However, has anybody wondered how the internet is now manipulated with massive advertorial successes that mask what is actually going around in the world?

Rewind to a few months and we were all wondering whether a stupid little dress was Blue, or White. It seems like every now and then, there comes a time when the internet is taken over with huge updates of news that is apparently a smashing hit, but when you think about it and look more closely, there isn’t much significance to it and what you’re looking at is basically a store-bought set of breast implants and a little bit tweaking everywhere else. The BIG PICTURE here is probably the fact that America is mostly only keeping up with the Kardashians, and that’s totally bizarre!

A Deeper Look into the Caitlyn Jenner Fiasco

Let’s just assess this piece of news objectively and segregate it into more digestible pieces. Caitlyn Jenner’s former self – Bruce, has been seeing some rough times in the Kardashian circus and was basically reduced to a sideshow lion that had forgotten to roar (just like Scott). Now this may be something completely natural, or the exact opposite of it.

Remember when we all diced up Michael Jackson for trying to be White instead of Black? Yeah, that was not very long ago, but why did America react to a $4 million physical transformation of a television star so affirmatively when the former musical legend was most of the times brutally questioned for his orientation? The answer lies in reading between the lines, but even if you aren’t able to spot it, here’s some of the news that the mainstream media absolutely ignored as Bruce started urging us to call her Caitlyn, which we probably will after she leaves the news feeds.

Government Surveillance Intensified

The Patriot Act’s Renewal, which was planned to take place at the end of May, received widespread coverage for being delayed by Rand Paul. The Patriot Act’s section 215 is the NSA’s biggest justification for the collection and storage of data and this dictation has now expired. This may seem like a victory, but when you notice how the Senate brought forward the USA Freedom Act which was sold as a bill to protect and respect the privacy of the American people, when in reality it further strengthens the apparatus for government surveillance. But wait, were those Prada shoes that Caitlyn was wearing? Well, they sure were! And they even look better in surveillance footages.

NBC Caught Manipulating News Footage

No one misses Caitlyn’s hair or heels, but what we did miss was how NBC altered and manipulated an interview footage regarding the unwarranted shooting of a student named Feras Morad, who was shot at a party when the victim acted out on a heavy dose of Psychedelic mushrooms. Among the 400 police brutality and killing cases documented this year alone, Feras Morad’s murder was manipulated in efforts to make the killing appear less sinister.

However, what matters most here, really, are Caitlyn’s stunningly defined cheekbones, and her brand new public personality, but one still wonders what would happen when the internet just becomes a manipulative tool, to keep or attention away from the things that deserve it.

Warm-hearted congratulations to Caitlyn Jenner for coming out in front of the whole world and accepting herself for who she is, but the real question is; when are we going to start doing that?


-Paul Cook