19 September 2015

The Giants Get a Closer Look at Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Injury

A non-football related injury may jeopardize Jason Pierre-Paul’s future with the New York Giants, but that is looking more and more unlikely as the story unfolds.

The defensive end suffered traumatic damage to his right hand during an unfortunate fireworks accident this past Independence Day, and the extent of his injuries still has not been divulged to the public. However, the New York Daily News received exclusive photos of Pierre-Paul out and about with minimal bandages on his hand, which gives a closer look at what may have happened injury-wise.

In the photos, it appears Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated, in line with previous media speculations, and still has small bandages on his middle finger and thumb, which was believed to have been fractured or even severed at the tip.

These hand injuries may affect a football player who has to throw or catch a ball, but since Pierre-Paul’s main role in games is to get sacks, his hand shouldn’t be much of an issue for him. At least, that’s what fellow Giants’ teammate Robert Ayers thinks.

“Actually, I don’t need to see [the pictures] to know he can play with it,” Ayers explained to the press. “You know, I think you can play with no fingers at all in my personal opinion. You’ve seen guys play with big casts on their hands, literally, so it’s proven…His heart is what’s going to get him through this, not his hand — or lack of hand, or whatever you want to call it.”

With this in mind, the Giants still haven’t decided if they will keep Pierre-Paul on the team with his $14.813 million franchise tag, or when he will even return to the field, but they plan to reevaluate his situation come October.

Jason Pierre-Paul was the team’s lead pass rusher last season with 12 ½ sacks, so one would think the Giants want to keep him around. But, if his injury ends up hindering his game at all, it will most definitely alter his athletic career.