26 September 2015

Evidence Dwindling in Patrick Kane’s Rape Accusation

The prosecution in the case against hockey player, Patrick Kane, for sexual assault seemed to be growing weaker on Thursday when the accuser’s lawyer resigned from the case.

The attorney, Thomas Eoannou, explained in a press conference that the accuser’s mother claimed to have found an evidence bag at her home, signifying a possible tampering situation. It was only after further investigation that Eoannou started to doubt the mother’s story and decided he could no longer represent her daughter, Kane’s accuser.

However, this is not the only turn of events that points in the direction of the star Blackhawks player’s innocence. A key witness, a young woman who was with the accuser on the night of the alleged rape, has also expressed reluctance to support the prosecution and may not even testify in court.

It was also found, according to Kane’s defense attorney, Paul Cambria, that the DNA analysis taken from samples on the accuser appeared to have come from multiple male donors, none of which included Mr. Kane himself.

With all the deteriorating evidence on the prosecution’s side, it appears Kane is likely to win in this dispute. Depending on the final outcome of the trial, he may also have a substantial case to sue for defamation of character.