28 October 2015

Is the End Near for Donald Trump?

Could it be that the nation is losing its love affair with the Donald?  If the most recent polls are to be believed, that might very well be the case.  New polls show Ben Carson with the lead nationally over Donald Trump and particularly in the all-important state of Iowa.  Which means for the first time since Trump entered the field, he is not in the lead.  Many have expected that Donald couldn’t hold his commanding lead, but not that he has fallen behind, there are a few important questions we must ask ourselves.  Because things are about to get a great deal quieter in the election or the volcano that is Trump’s mouth is about to blow.

What Will He Say Next?

Oddly enough, Trump’s surge in the polls always seemed to come off the heels of him making an inflammatory statement.  Every time he said something that made half the nation gasp, he picked up some more hardcore followers.  Moreover, he dominated the media coverage on the heels of such statements.  As a result, Trump actually had a pretty strong incentive to speak in an outlandish manner.  I don’t know what word he is about to say in the picture below, but I have a feeling it starts with an F and sounds nothing like friend.

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

Which leads us to the question of what will he say next?  In light of his dropping poll numbers, I am literally salivating at his next “Trumpism”.  Because we know it’s coming.  Will he feel that same incentive to kick it up a notch and make the next statement even more outlandish?  But then again, what is left really?  He has already made controversial comments about immigrants, women, and yes, even POWs.  Personally, I have my money on him going after handicapped people, but what say you?  What is Donald Trump going to say next now they he has lost the lead?

Will He Gain the Lead Back?

This is truly the most important question for Donald Trump.  Will he ever see the lead again?  Even if he makes another splash with his mouth, is there anything else he can do to pick up new supporters.  For it would seem that those who have decided Trump was the man, did so early.  While the national polls show Carson in the lead, they also show that more of Trump’s supporters say they are committed to Trump as opposed to those just recently deciding to go with Carson.


Will the lower poll numbers cause borderline supporters to jump ship?  Typically it would cause a drop in donor money which normally kills a campaign.  However, Trump doesn’t have to worry about that.  The man can literally ride this thing out till the end regardless of poll numbers.  But that being said, is this the end of the prospect that was President Donald Trump?  Has the Donald peeked?  When it is all said and done, will his outlandish comments leave him looking like a homeless Steve Martin in the aptly named movie, The Jerk.  Unlike most debates, this one will be explicitly measurable.  Either he will recover his lead or he will not.  What say you America?  Hash it out and tell me if the Donald is done.