14 October 2015

Why are Trump and Carson Leading the Pack?

A couple of debates in the books for the GOP and the Democrats have their first debate this week.  Whether you care to pay attention to the Democratic debates is up to you, but what remains to be seen is whether or not this debate will do anything to change the field.  For it is fascinating to consider that after two GOP debates complete, the GOP field is currently being led by non-politicians.  Trump is a businessman/reality star and Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon by trade.  Neither has ever been elected to public office, but depending on which poll you take a look at, they are leading the pros.  Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and the rest of the flock are but ripples in the wake of these superstars. At least for the moment that is and we must ask some serious questions about the reasons.  For love it or hate it , if the GOP enters the election field a disorganized mess, then you might as well watch the Democrat’s debate to decide who you want to be your next President.  Hash it our now GOP or forever keep your peace.

Are We Ready for a Non-Politician?

That is kind of an odd question because I feel like America is always ready for a non-politician.  However, we rarely ever pick one.  Even Reagan who is often described as an actor was actually Governor of California before becoming President.  Yet, Trump and Carson have never held office.  Does this mean America is truly ready to break the bonds career politicians have had over America or are the two front runners merely riding a wave of anti-establishment sentiment?


Surely there are qualified individuals to be President beyond the current Governor ranks or Congress.  But why are they never elected?  You would have to tarry on back to Dwight Eisenhower to find a true non-politician for the Executive Branch.  But keep in mind this guy only had to conquer Nazi Germany to be considered for the nod.  Are we really ready to elect a businessman as notorious as Donald Trump?  Are we really ready to pit a neurosurgeon against politicians of the world who have probably buried more people than Carson has saved as a Doctor?  Can these men do it once elected?  Are we actually ready?

Will It Last?

I think this last question is actually the one on the minds of most right now as the two candidates lead.  Will it last?  Is this merely America’s romance with a fascinating notion and will the pros make joes out of Carson and Trump in the end.  The elections are still quite a long ways away and whether it is Howard Dean’s infamous screech or Dan Quayle misspelling the word Potato, much can happen before the final bell rings.


Trump certainly seems to be gaffe-proof at this point.  By that, I don’t mean he is free from gaffes since he commits them almost daily.  Rather, he seems bullet proof from their consequences.  In fact, much of Carson’s recent rise has been a direct result of his own inflammatory comments.  Are Trump and Carson merely vying for the same outlandish population of the GOP while the rest of the vote is split amongst traditional candidates? Then, as other’s drop out much as Rick Perry and Scott Walker have done recently, will the traditional GOP vote consolidate?


These are tough questions for the GOP and again, ones they must answer sooner rather than later.  The Democrats are having their own fringe candidate in Bernie Sanders see a meteoric rise.  As such, maybe America be they Democrat or Republican really are sick of the status quo.  But will the establishment win out in the end?  Tough questions for a pivotal time in our nation’s history.  Economic instability, the Middle East in flames, and a resurgent Russia combined with an emergent China, we must ask ourselves if it is indeed time for the Trump or the Doctor.  You decide America, it is time to hash it out.