05 September 2015

Brady Suspension Lifted in Deflategate Scandal, NFL Unsatisfied

The Deflategate saga has taken an unsurprising turn with Patriots’ QB, Tom Brady, acquitted of all charges and his four game suspension has been overturned. The ruling was given by Judge Richard M. Berman after looking at the case and determining that Brady had no real evidence against him.

With this decision, the Patriots will have their star player in their season opener against the Steelers next week.

However, Brady’s innocence apparently does not sit well with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who respectfully disagreed with Judge Berman and will be appealing the ruling to “uphold the collectively bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game,” according to his statement.

It is interesting that Goodell is pushing so hard to come down on Brady for this act when other recent football scandals, arguably worse than deflate-gate, have gone largely unpunished and even unnoticed by the league.

Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice were given minimal penalties for their serious domestic violence issues even though there was very compelling evidence against them such as being caught on tape.

Could Goodell be milking the Patriots’ scandal for all it’s worth in attempt to prove the NFL is capable of at least some discipline for wrongdoing? While it is a good idea to make an example to the league to show that breaking the laws of not only the game, but the country, is unacceptable, perhaps the commissioners should focus more on the health and well-being of the players and those around them than just cracking down when the rules of football are compromised.