04 October 2015

Sorority Sisters Prove They’re Deeper than Their Baseball Selfies

The Arizona State University chapter of Alpha Chi Omega sorority went viral this week after they were spotted on camera taking a multitude of selfies in the stands at a Diamondbacks game.

It seems neither the sorority sisters nor the game’s announcers were interested in what was going on on the field during the two minutes the cameras were trained on the women, as evidenced by the sportscasters mocking and belittling the women through off-screen commentary.

“Do you have to make faces when you take selfies?”​

“Look at the one on the right.”

“Oh, hold on, gotta take a selfie with the hot dog.”

“Selfie with the churro, selfie just of a selfie.”

These were just a few of the comments directed at the sisters while the baseball game continued in the background.

It is odd the announcers chose to devote a significant chunk of time making fun of these millennials instead of doing their job and focusing on the game in front of them.

These women weren’t bothering any other attendees with their selfies, there was no one else around their group. They had a right to be in their seats just as much as any other ticketholders and yet the announcers still felt the need to draw negative attention to them and give their semi-critique on modern society.

The sisters caught on to these comments and managed to get the last laugh by tweeting a group picture to the Diamondbacks’ Twitter account with the caption, “Do you even selfie?”

The Diamondbacks and Fox Sports must have later realized the error of these sportscasters’ ways and extended an olive branch to Alpha Chi Omega in the form of more tickets to the next night’s game. However, the sisters showed their class and integrity by suggesting the tickets be offered to families at A New Leaf, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence, as explained on the sorority’s Facebook page.